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 I am a  university graduate with a BSc degree in Agricultural Engineering (land, water and environmental) from University of  Jordan .

I have strong communication and organization and follow-up skills.

I am organizing and managing the courses and tasks that GREENWAVE is conducting through the Zoom program or any other programs.

Please contact me at  if you have any questions for me.

Amani Daibes

Training and Capacity Buildings Coordinator

Agricultural Engineering

PhD thesis in Water and Environmental Engineering ( with Very honorable distinction with unanimous congratulations from the jury)
Laboratory of Hydrobiology, Ecotoxicology and Assinaissement, Department of Biology, Faculty of Sciences Semlalia, Center for Doctoral Studies 'Sciences and Techniques', Cadi Ayyad University.
Thesis topic: Study of the operation of the wastewater treatment plant using hybrid Constructed Wetlands technology with a view to their reuse in agriculture in the Tidili area (Haouz Province)
▪ Monitoring of the operation of the wastewater treatment plant by hybrid Constructed Wetlands.
▪ Physicochemical and microbiological characteristics of raw and treated wastewater by the Tidili WWTP.
▪ Environmental impact assessment.
▪ Social impact assessment.
▪ Assessment of the impact of wastewater irrigation on the physiology and growth of crops.
▪ Predict the performance of the system using modeling by artificial neural networks.

Dr. Saloua El Fanssi

Executive Director/Trainer

I can provide training courses in SewerCAD, WaterCAD, and others.

Eng. Saja Younes


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