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About us ...

Green Wave was established in 2011 as a training and consulting institution in the field of environment, energy and sustainability. It aims of providing labors in private sector, government, and individuals with high-quality expertise and skills that enable them to develop, and raise the efficiency and performance of these institutions.


For the purposes of environmental approvals and best practices and sustainability, Green Wave has solid experience in implementing projects that require auditing and monitoring.  Accordingly, we have trained the staff and workers in projects that require the implementation of various environmental management tools such as EIA studies, environmental auditing,  state of the environment reporting (SOER), environmental law, and environmental awareness. We also have trained employees and cadres in some Arab countries in  green practices, waste management, water and sanitation, chemical management, as well as environmental health and safety, and others.

Through our training programs, we held a series of training of trainers (TOT) courses in  environmental management at the local and regional levels. The number of trainees from Jordan, Kuwait, GCC, Palestine, Yemen and Iraq reached more than 2000 trainees. We have developed their capacity building and technical skills  by providing them with a distinctive training experiences in the topics mentioned previously. We also have worked with local communities and municipalities in carrying out numerous projects and training in waste management and recycling.

We study carefully the training needs of different institutions and employ our expertise for their benefit with international standards to train technical cadres in these institutions.


Our goal is to educate the local community that maintaining and managing resources effectively and sustainably will positively reflect on the daily lives quality of people, as well as being a responsibility for all of us for the benefit of future generations.

Finally, our training programs are available in both Arabic/English, in person or online. To have an overview on our programs please go here ...


Introduction Video about GREENWAVE

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