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Note Opening the camera during training for all trainees is mandatory to confirm attendance at least 85% and to interact and to obtain a certificate Trainer: Eng. Saja Mustafa Younes E-mail: Course Program WaterCadV8i Course Objective Train the students WaterCad in solving engineering problems such as Hydraulic model Understanding the Workspace Model calibration Modeling Capabilities Criticality analysis and operations modeling Comprehensive scenario management Data connection Model building Design Optimization Description: WaterCAD is a robust and comprehensive water distribution modeling program that can be customized with additional modeling platforms and modules as your modeling requirements grow. user friendly hydraulic and water quality modeling solution for water distribution systems .also It is a useful tool with a variety of applications and capabilities including hydrologic model building, model management and optimization, . WaterCAD has additional features that allow for elegant presentation of results and numerous tools for their interpretation Objectives The course aimed at familiarizing the engineers( civil, mechanical, chemical, Buildings, water and environmental engineers) with the proper and suitable wastewater design Program like Watercad software. It is expected that the participants, at the completion of this training, should attain the ' working knowledge to accomplish the following: Understand the basics of water system design and application. Design a new water Network. Pack an analysis of existing systems for any possible problems. Learn how to use the commercial package WaterCad. Discover the numerous issues to consider when planning water system at a given site. Course Outline Topic Installation & setup the software Introduction and definition of the program, dealing with projects. WaterCAD Main Window Constructing a Network and Performing a Steady-State Analysis Extended Period Simulation Scenario Management Reporting Results Design Optimization Working with Data from External Sources Solving Examples

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